Declaration of Covenants Conditions and Restrictions

To see detailed neighborhood rules please click here.


To report gate issues or order new gate remotes, please contact CCMS at or call 405-410-4048 or 405-408-6611.

To request a gate access code or order new remotes, please complete the appropriate forms available at the following links and forward the completed form to CCMS at the above e-mail address or mail via USPS to the address indicated on the appropriate form.

Remote "Clicker" Order Form
Gate Code Request


Report street maintenance issues by sending an e-mail to

Recent Earthquakes In The Metro Area Have The Potential To Cause Natural Gas Leaks. Please Be Mindful Of This And Promptly Report Any Suspected Gas Leak To Oklahoma Natural Gas.

Please Click On This Link To Review ONG's Narrative On The Subject.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I address the issue of barking dogs?

Typically, a polite conversation with the owner of the animal(s) will solve the problem. As a last resort, i.e. the owner of the animal does not address the issue, a complaint can be filed with the City Of Oklahoma City.

According to City Municipal Code, it is illegal to allow any animal to continuously bark, howl or otherwise disturb the peace. Officers can issue a citation to the owner if a citizen is willing to sign a complaint for allowing an animal to bark continuously..

My backyard fence backs up to a commercial property (for example the Fenwick Plaza Shopping Center). Who is responsible for repairs?

It is in the best interest of commercial property owners to maintain an attractive property as well as good relations with surrounding neighborhoods. They are usually receptive to splitting the cost of fence repairs.

School Bus Gate Openings

Currently the gates are programmed to open from:

Mon-Fri: 6:30 - 8:00am, & 2:30 - 4pm at the east or 167th Street gates.

If your family's bus needs are not accommodated by this schedule, please contact:

Community Care Management Services

Phone: 405-410-4048 or 405-408-6611

Not sure what about Bus Routes, click here.

Trash Pick Up Schedule

Link to Trash and Big Junk pickup schedule. 

When a holiday falls on Monday, the following Wednesday is typically the make-up day.

Fenwick Gardens Is On Facebook. We Will Be Working On Our Page As A Way To Communicate With Our Neighbors

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