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FGV Neighborhood Discussion

The FGV Homeowners Association is a Not-For-Profit corporation governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected by the homeowners. The Board of Directors conducts HOA business in accordance with Fenwick Garden Village Homeowners Association Bylaws.


When you purchase a home in Fenwick Garden Village, the Abstract and Title company presents you with a Planned Unit Development (PUD) Rider to sign, as part of your home purchase closing documents. That makes you a member of the FGV HOA and compels you to the FGV Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) of the FGV HOA. The FGV CCRs also mandate certain Design Guidelines and Use Restrictions or Rules.


Annual HOA Dues for FGV are collected exclusively to provide funding for operations and maintenance of the Gates and Private Streets that are owned by you as a member of the HOA. 


The FGV CCRs were established in such a manner by the original Fenwick developer (Declarant) to compel you to become a member of the overall Fenwick Homeowners Association, and therefore compelled you to the Fenwick HOA CCRs.


Therefore, by purchasing a home in FGV, you become a member of two HOAs, and are compelled to pay dues to two separate HOAs on an annual basis. 


Dues for the Fenwick HOA are collected to provide funding for operations and maintenance of the non-exclusive use common areas, that are owned by you as a member of the Fenwick HOA. These common areas include, the Fenwick club house, swimming pool, picnic pavilion, and approximately 55 acres of woodland, four ponds, with about 26 acres of grassy park area that is mowed once a week in season.

Currently the two sets of Annual HOA Dues are as follows:

Fenwick Garden Village Dues for 2020: $800.

Fenwick Main HOA dues for 2020 are: $370.

Overall dues to live in FGV in 2020: $1170.

+Architectural Design Guidelines

+Architectural Design Guidelines

Pursuant to the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of Fenwick Garden Village, Section 5.3, the standards and specifications stated below shall constitute the “Design Guidelines” as referenced in said declaration. The Guidelines include, but are not limited to:

+Roofing Specifications:

All residences shall incorporate a 9/12 minimum roof pitch and use composition shingles, specifically GAF Woodland in Tuscan Sunset , Cedarwood Abbey , Woodberry Brown , or Castlewood Gray Colors, and include a TimberTex Ridge Cap of matching color.  GAF provides a video on their website demonstrating the proper installation. Click here.

+Architectural Details:

Construction finishes may include cast stone, rock accents, shutters, copper roofs, and other materials that are complimentary to existing structures in the neighborhood. Vinyl and wood siding is prohibited. Fireplaces: Fireplace chimneys must be brick or masonry veneer, except where a “direct Vent” chimney is installed.


Mailboxes must be black cast iron presented in a style complimentary to existing installations in the neighborhood.

This type of mailbox can be purchased from American Supply Co., 1820 N. MacArthur, OKC - phone 405-942-6551. They will deliver the mailboxes and install them if you so desire. They can also be ordered from Better Box Mailboxes online at


Fences must be either black wrought iron or PVC, either white, tan, or grey, so to compliment the finishes of the residence. Fencing composed of wood, chain link, lattice, or other materials not specified above are strictly prohibited. All fences adjoining a greenbelt or common area must be “see through”, non-privacy styles. Prior to installation, an owner or builder must submit specifications for any proposed fencing to the Architectural Committee for approval.

+Other Structures:

Detached Structures: Detached structures intended for storage may be permitted, subject to the approval of the Architectural Committee, and any needed city permits. They shall be built of materials other than metal. Plastic, wood, masonry, and siding may be acceptable, depending on placement and size of the structure. Position/placement of the structure will be part of the approval considerations. These guidelines apply to ALL outbuildings, whether they are visible from outside the Homeowner’s property or not. Height: Although the height of the building is not specific, considerations will be given based on the amount of actual visibility of the detached structure, from the street as well as the neighboring lots. There are no pitch requirements for outbuildings and the requirements for an attached structure do not apply to detached, outbuildings. Approval of height will be made from the application information on a case to case basis. Size: Approval of size will be made from the application information on a case to case basis. Placement:The placement of the structure will be approved based on the visibility of the structure from the street as well as neighboring lots. It must not interfere or block the natural straight line visibility from a neighboring lot. The approval of the placement of the structure will be made based information on the application on a case by case basis.


Finishes applied as part of any maintenance or refurbishing process must be done with materials and colors that are complimentary to and consistent with other residences in the neighborhood. Prior to commencement of any such maintenance or refurbishing project that changes the color of the property; the homeowner must get approval of the Architectural Committee.

+Play Equipment:

Not withstanding previous amendments to the Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions, all play sets, swings, or other recreational equipment to be installed on any owned lot must be approved by the Architectural Committee prior to the installation of any play equipment on any lot in the neighborhood.


The Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility for enforcement of the Bylaws and the Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions of the Fenwick Garden Village Homeowners Association. Enforcement powers include, but are not limited to, the imposition of fines upon an offending homeowner. The fines may range from$100 to $250 per month, depending upon the nature of the violation. Prior to imposing any fine, the Board must investigate an alleged violation. If the Board agrees that a violation has occurred, the Board will offer notice to the homeowner and establish a reasonable time for remedy. The notice shall state the nature of the violation, the date by which the violation must be corrected and the proposed amount of the fine to be assessed, if the violation is not remedied by that date. Any homeowner who has been informed of a violation of the rules or regulations governing the Association may request, and shall be granted, an opportunity to appear before the Board at its next regularly scheduled meeting and present argument in his favor and hear the Board’s explanation regarding its notice to enforce. Upon completing its investigation and hearing all arguments concerning the violation, the Board shall render a decision to assess or withdraw the fine, and such decision shall be final.

+Architectural Design Committee - Change Request Process

The following change request process outlines how to request a variance in to the Design Guidelines from the FGV HOA. Change Request Process Form

For a detailed listing of the Fenwick Garden Village Rules and Bylaws please use the following links.

Fenwick Garden Village Neighborhood Rules

To view or print a copy of the FGV Rules click here.

Fenwick Garden Village Neighborhood ByLaws

To view or print a copy of the FGV Bylaws click here.

+ Board for 2020

Preston Keith, President 
Lyndel Hamilton, Vice President 
Robert Feinberg, Treasurer 
Emily Garmin, Secretary

Judy Keith, Board Member



The next meeting of the Fenwick Garden Village homeowners board will be held at the clubhouse at 7pm on October 20, 2020. The agenda for this meeting is as follows:

1. September Minutes

2. Treasurer's Report

3. Gates

4. Violations

5. New Business

     5.1 Water Main Damage Bids

     5.2 Year 2021 Budget

6. Old Business

     6.1 Gate Camera Bids

The Annual Meeting Will Be Held On November 9, 2020

Governance Documents